You by Veynou: Personalized jewelry as unique as you

Design your very own dream piece of jewelry in just a few steps with our “You by Veynou” jewelry configurator. With a personalized piece of jewelry from Veynou, you not only give your appearance an individual touch, but also share a piece of your personality with the world and tell your very own story.

4 steps to your personal piece of jewelry

  • 1.

    Choose your customizable piece of jewelry

  • 2.

    Design according to your ideas

  • 3.

    Choose an alloy

  • 4.

    Add diamonds of your choice

You-nique: Create your individual, unique piece of jewelry

Bring your ideas to life with our 3D jewelry configurator. Our customizable jewelry combines excellent quality and sustainability. We only use the highest quality materials with our lab grown diamonds and recycled gold and guarantee handcrafted manufacturing with innovative technologies. Creating your personalized jewelry is our passion. Discover the world of unique jewelry design now.

You are unique. Your jewelry should be too

Let your creativity run wild and create your personal, unique piece made especially for you in just a few steps with our jewelry configurator. You can determine your design, choose materials and add personal elements. Our jewelry configurator offers you the freedom to express your ideas and create a unique work of art.

  • Sustainable diamonds and recycled gold

  • Ready to ship in 10-14 business days

  • Excellent quality, handmade in Germany

  • Fast service and lifetime guarantee on our diamonds


Personalized diamond jewelry from Veynou with our 3D jewelry configurator

Unique and individual – personalized jewelry from Veynou creates a special connection to what is close to your heart. Whether necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings - with us you can create your unique and individual piece of jewelry to carry your message to the world or to show your love for yourself or your favorite person. The possibilities are endless and you decide what it looks like.

Frequently asked Questions

How can I design my personal dream piece of jewelry with the “You by Veynou” jewelry configurator?

In just a few steps you can design your unique piece of jewelry with our “You by Veynou” jewelry configurator. Use this intuitive 3D configurator to bring your ideas to life and give your piece of jewelry an individual touch.

What materials does Veynou use and how is quality ensured?

Veynou only uses the highest quality materials, including lab grown diamonds of the best color and clarity and recycled gold in 14 carat. Quality and sustainability are our focus, and we guarantee handcrafted manufacturing using innovative technologies to ensure that your personalized piece of jewelry meets the highest standards.

How does the jewelry configurator work?

Our jewelry configurator allows you to create your personal, unique piece. You can choose your design, choose materials and add personal elements. This freedom gives you the opportunity to get creative and create a unique work of art according to your ideas.

How quickly will my custom order be processed and shipped?

All orders are continuously transferred to our shipping center. The order is usually produced and handed over to UPS within 10-14 working days. You will receive a corresponding notification by email.