VEYNOU - diamond jewelry rethought

  • VEYNOU stands for an innovative and sustainable approach to diamond jewelry
  • The collection consists of lab grown diamonds and recycled gold
  • Environmentally friendly, with a transparent origin, on fair terms and under the highest quality standards
  • This future-oriented approach makes VEYNOU a pioneer in the field of sustainable luxury
  • Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and engagement rings cover the entire range
  • In 2020, the founding team was able to convince Ralf Dümmel in the VOX founder show "Die Höhle der Löwen" and got a deal with Ralf Dümmel

Frankfurt am Main, November 17, 2021

Diamonds and sustainability don't go together? Thanks to VEYNOU this is now possible. VEYNOU is not only a young, stylish jewelry startup from Germany, but also a pioneer in the field of sustainable luxury. Created to last, without compromise: the complete collection consists of lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold. So chemically, physically and optically 1:1 identical to mined diamonds, but without any negative consequences for nature and people. Together, the young company creates a better future by manufacturing in an environmentally friendly manner, with transparent origins, under fair conditions and under the highest quality standards. Because the founding trio believes that the greatest luxury we have is our earth itself. A future where the impact of mining is a thing of the past and where the beauty of self-love is reflected in the modern art of fine jewelry.

The VEYNOU collection includes timeless pieces of jewelry as companions for eternity and for the most beautiful moments in life - handcrafted, exclusively with the highest quality lab diamonds and solid recycled gold.

In addition to the sustainability strategy, the VEYNOU VISION STRATEGY also includes the areas of social impact and female empowerment with the aim of building a company that not only reflects the current zeitgeist, but can also be a beacon for others.

The magical moment of the engagement between Paulina Kurka and Philip Deml with their first own ring was the initial spark for VEYNOU and beginning the mission that sustainable luxury is the future with lab grown diamonds and recycled gold.

In short, diamonds from the laboratory are like ice from the freezer, 100% real, but the result of technological progress, with ethically and ecologically superior origin compared to diamonds from the mine. Lab grown diamonds are also certified according to the 4 Cs (Color, Cut, Clarity & Carat) by global institutes such as GIA and IGI.

VEYNOU is particularly proud of her Gaia necklace: With 8.50 carats, the center stone of the necklace is the world's largest man-made diamond on the market - a truly unique specimen.

(from left Cem Dogan, Philip Deml, Paulina Kurka)

The Frankfurt influencer couple, Paulina Kurka and her fiancé Philip Deml, have now re-founded with Cem Dogan with a clear vision: VEYNOU will become a role model for a bright future in a world in which sustainable diamond jewelry can be the light of eternal love , the power of change and a source of thriving creativity.

"We have the highest standards of quality and sustainability for our entire collection. That's why we only use the highest quality materials and only process the purest laboratory diamonds, for handcrafted pieces that are meant to last forever." 

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60311 Frankfurt
Managing directors: Philip Deml, Cem Dogan

Phone: +49 69 94323230
Photo credits: VEYNOU