The future of diamonds

Learn how pioneering CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology is used to create beautiful, ethical and environmentally friendly diamonds.

A cycle of creation

The journey of a Veynou diamond begins with a thin diamond seed crystal, which forms the atomic template for diamond growth.

The diamond seed crystal itself comes from a previously grown diamond, creating a cycle of creation: a diamond grows into a new diamond seed crystal, which in turn serves as the basis for the growth of more brilliant diamonds.

The science behind stunning diamonds

The diamond seed crystals are placed on a substrate plate in the plasma reactor. Carbon-containing gases are then introduced. By creating a plasma field, the gases are excited and carbon atoms split off.

These liberated carbon atoms are then deposited layer by layer, atom by atom, on the surface of the diamond seed crystals. Through this step-by-step process, a 100% identical rough diamond grows.

Once the rough diamond has been removed from the plasma reactor, it goes through the same grinding and polishing processes as a natural diamond. Experts carefully cut and polish the rough diamonds to achieve their final shape and brilliance. The result is stunning, eco-friendly diamonds.

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