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Veynou Bracelets

  • Excellent quality

    All our diamonds have the highest color grade (D-F), with a clarity of VS+ and IGI/GIA/HRD certified from 0.5 carats.

  • Sustainability

    Diamonds and gemstones created by Veynou are sustainably produced and 100% genuine.

  • Traditional craftsmanship

    Our bracelets are elaborately handcrafted in 14k and 18k solid gold with the highest precision.

Luxury for your wrist

Our bracelets are made from 14k and 18k solid gold and our sustainable diamonds and gemstones - timeless real jewelry for your wrist. Discover the incomparable combination of precious gold and sparkling diamonds & gemstones that give every wrist the feeling of luxury.

Veynou diamond jewelry in 14 and 18k gold - quality without compromise

Our exquisite designs combine timeless elegance with masterful craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted with the utmost care, from sparkling diamond earrings to fine necklaces, our high-quality diamond jewelry will add irresistible sparkle to your style. Immerse yourself in the world of Veynou and experience the luxury you deserve.