Exclusive news: Veynou opens pop-up boutique in Breuninger Stuttgart

We have great news for you: From November 6th to January 31st, 2024 we will be opening our pop-up boutique in the renowned Breuninger, in the heart of Stuttgart. In our pop-up you will find all of our exclusive jewelry, engagement rings and wedding rings.

A jewel is coming to Stuttgart: The Veynou Pop-Up Boutique in Breuninger

Our pop-up boutique in Breuninger Stuttgart offers you the opportunity to experience our exclusive Veynou world and our sustainable diamonds up close and personal. Look forward to an exquisite selection of our most beautiful pieces of jewelry, exclusive engagement ring advice and much more.

Discover Stuttgart's first lab grown diamond boutique

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Stuttgart's first boutique for lab grown diamonds in the exclusive Breuninger branch. At Veynou we offer a unique experience that combines luxury, quality and sustainability. Discover timeless elegance while supporting innovative and ethical jewelry choices. Visit our boutique and experience the future of diamond jewelry - glamorous, responsible and unique.

Ready-to-ship, just in time for a sparkling Christmas