"Blooming Eden": A collaboration between Marc Crössmann and Veynou

The Blooming Eden project uniquely combines contemporary art and modern goldsmith work. The original painting contains 0.5 carats of our sustainable diamonds, creating a unique material symbiosis. The work of art Blooming Eden embodies the harmony of sustainability, the lightness of nature and eternal beauty. A tribute to the poetry of our time and a hopeful look into the future.

Veynou & Marc Crössmann show, in the form of a large-format work of art (180cm x 200cm) and a necklace limited to 1 piece that was inspired by the work of art, that luxury and sustainability, timelessly beautiful and ethically correct can be.

About the artwork Blooming Eden

Exclusive bundle, limited to 50 pieces:

50 limited and numbered prints of the original are sold in a bundle together with a Blooming Eden bracelet, the design of which was inspired by the artwork.

It combines 6 magical pear-cut emeralds, which together with a brilliant-cut Veynou diamond show an eternally blooming flower. Additionally, the bracelet is made of 14 carat recycled eternal gold from Veynou.

To the limited bundle

Experience “Blooming Eden” in our boutique

The original "Blooming Eden" artwork is officially for sale and will be shown exclusively in our boutique in Frankfurt's Old Town, Markt 36, 60311. Are you interested and would you like to discover the work of art? Feel free to stop by during our regular opening hours or book an appointment.

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About Marc Crössmann

Marc Crössmann is a German artist who lives in Switzerland and whose paintings are exhibited internationally. He prefers thematic series and describes his work as an exploration of topics that are important to him. Crössmann's artistic process is diverse as he works in different styles and with different techniques.

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