Emerald jewelry from Veynou, the perfect addition to your summer look

With our Eden Collection and our intense green emeralds you can underline your holiday look. The emerald (from the Latin "Smaragdus", translated as "green stone") found a symbolic existence in ancient Egypt and stands for life, youth and positive energy.

Veynou blue sapphires, the infinite depth of our Ava collection

AVA, derived from “water”, is a symbol of our sustainable sapphires. Immerse yourself in the magical world of our sapphires and let yourself be seduced by the fascinating magic of the sea - your indispensable companion for unforgettable holiday experiences and a statement for sustainable luxury.

The magic of our gemstones

  • Excellent quality

    All of our gemstones are of excellent quality and certified for cut, color and clarity.

  • Sustainability

    Veynou gemstones are sustainably produced and are 100% real gemstones.

  • Intense colors

    Our gemstones radiate intense green and blue for a luxurious and dynamic sparkle.

  • Service & Guarantee

    With Veynou-Care we offer extensive services and a lifetime guarantee on our gemstones.

Veynou gemstone jewelry in 14k solid gold

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our sustainable emeralds & sapphires - brilliance in harmony with nature. Our environmentally friendly lab-made emeralds and sapphires enchant with radiant green and timeless blue. At Veynou, discover an exquisite selection of sustainable emerald and sapphire jewelry that impresses with its unique brilliance. Experience the fascinating splendor of our emeralds and sapphires and make a statement for sustainable luxury.