Veynou, mon amour: Parisian charm, perfected by Veynou in every facet

Get in the mood for the upcoming festivities and give yourself and your loved ones a present. It's time to wrap yourself in warm sweaters, take leisurely walks and share moments of closeness. Our jewelry is designed to make these moments even more precious. They are an expression of love, elegance and timeless beauty.

Croissants, cafés and sparkling moments for eternity

Find the perfect gift just in time for Christmas with our timeless diamond jewelry classics, or treat yourself to our autumn diamond dreams. With us, Parisian elegance meets craftsmanship brilliance.

Forever begins with Veynou

  • Excellent quality

    All our diamonds have the highest color grade (D-F), VS+ clarity and are IGI/GIA/HRD certified.

  • Sustainability

    Diamonds & gemstones created by Veynou are sustainably produced and 100% genuine.

  • Service & Guarantee

    With Veynou-Care we offer extensive services and a lifetime guarantee on our gemstones.

Veynou diamond jewelry in 14k and 18k solid gold - quality without compromise

Our exquisite designs combine timeless elegance with masterful craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted with the utmost care, from sparkling diamond earrings to fine necklaces, our high-quality diamond jewelry will add irresistible sparkle to your style. Immerse yourself in the world of Veynou and experience the luxury you deserve.