About Us: The founding story of Veynou.

Luxury Made Sustainable - In three words, this encapsulates the vision we are dedicated to at VEYNOU. We are Paulina Kurka, Philip Deml, and Cem Dogan, the founders of VEYNOU.

Our mission? Redefining diamond jewelry. Created for eternity, without compromises.

But why diamonds?  The diamond possesses a mystical allure – it is the hardest substance on earth, with an incomparable sparkle that has captivated people for generations. It is the symbol of eternal love and is created for infinity. Yet, its origin has rarely been questioned or always veiled.

Our solution? Lab grown diamonds and recycled gold. Because what many do not yet know is that diamonds can be created in the laboratory without negative consequences for nature and humans. Environmentally friendly, with a transparent origin, on fair terms and under the highest quality standards. Our VEYNOU lab-created diamonds have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as mined diamonds, but without the ecological and ethical disadvantages.

"We uphold the highest standards of quality and sustainability for our entire collection. That's why we only use the highest quality materials and only process the purest laboratory diamonds, for handcrafted pieces that are meant to last forever." - Paulina Kurka

The magical moment of the engagement between Paulina and Philip, marked by their first ring, was also the initial spark for VEYNOU and the beginning of the mission where sustainable luxury with laboratory-grown diamonds and recycled gold shapes the future. In a world where mines are a thing of the past and laboratory-grown diamonds are a symbol of a sustainable and bright future, VEYNOU stands as a beacon of creativity and sustainable innovation. Luxury made sustainable. Inspired by nature and the symbolic power of never-ending love, finished with elaborate craftsmanship.

(from left Cem Dogan, Philip Deml, Paulina Kurka)