Born in the Waves - Veynou x Michelle des Bouillons

Pro Big Wave Surfer & Model Michelle des Bouillons for Veynou. As one of the few women, she surfs the biggest waves in the world in Nazaré, Portugal. Michelle is a born powerhouse, deeply connected to the oceans and the epitome of a Veynou muse.

Together with Michelle, we are introducing our new, sustainable, and unique Veynou Sapphire Collection called “AVA: Born in the Waves”. AVA is derived from the word for water and symbolizes our sustainable sapphires.

Our Veynou Muse: Michelle des Bouillons

Michelle des Bouillons was born in Rio de Janeiro and comes from a family that has surfing in their blood. From a young age, she made her own surfboards with her father and spent her youth surfing the waves of Rio at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain. Her background and connection to our oceans made her an early active protector of the world's seas.

Today, Michelle is one of the few women who annually calls the world's biggest waves her home, like in Nazaré, where 30-meter-high waves are not uncommon, on which she demonstrates all her skill and courage. It's an extreme sport that demands extraordinary trust in one's own abilities and exceptional mental strength.

The symbiosis of sustainability & performance

As a designer of her own surfboards, she continues the tradition created by her father. Like us at Veynou, Michelle is committed to using recycled materials in the manufacturing of her surfboards, which also meet the high demands of the sea. The perfect symbiosis of sustainability and performance.

Michelle embodies the values we live by at Veynou. She symbolizes the courage it takes to achieve something seemingly impossible, the strength required to make changes, and harmony with nature. She is a unique role model; she is a Veynou muse.

Nazaré - the biggest waves

Nazaré ist der Treffpunkt für die weltbesten Big-Wave-Surfer, wie Michelle. Die portugiesische Stadt ist direkt am Atlantik gelegen. Am Felsvorsprung der Festung São Miguel Acanjo kommen Menschen aus der ganzen Welt zusammen, um die spektakulären Anblicke zu genießen und die bis zu 30 Meter hohen Wellen zu beobachten.