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Each carat of Veynou created diamonds saves

  • 102kg od CO2 emissions

  • 3,887 liters of water

  • more tham 1,000 tons of earth

Luxury for every day

The Eternal bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of unique personality. It is distinguished by its sparkling brilliance and the craftsmanship with which it was created in our manufactory. Carry the feeling of luxury and elegance with you every day, making a statement that lasts for eternity.

3 variations, infinite possibilities

Crafted from 14k recycled gold and adorned with sparkling diamonds, the Eternal bracelet embodies timeless beauty and sustainable luxury. Available in three exquisite variants: fully adorned with diamonds for unparalleled radiance, half-set for a harmonious balance and small half-set for a subtle yet sparkling accent. This bracelet is perfect for everyday wear, complements well with other jewelry pieces and stands out at special occasions.

Eternal bracelets from Veynou, made from 14k recycled gold

Experience the timeless elegance of the Eternal bracelet, crafted from 14k recycled gold and adorned with sparkling Lab-Grown diamonds. These exquisite pieces of jewelry embody sustainable luxury and are available in three variants: fully adorned with diamonds for a radiant statement, half-set for a harmonious balance or small half-set for subtle brilliance. The Eternal bracelet impresses not only on special occasions but also makes a perfect choice for everyday wear. It effortlessly complements other jewelry pieces, enhancing your personal style. Discover enduring brilliance and timeless beauty with the Eternal bracelet, the perfect choice for any occasion.